Thursday, 9 October 2014


Well I have been back from Asia nearly two weeks now & it has taken me this long to sit back & actually put a post together! As soon as I arrived home I saved all of my millions of photos onto both my computer & hard drive through fear of losing them. The memories & feelings they evoke make them truly some of my most treasured possessions. 

We started the trip out in Tokyo. After a fairly rough start, where we hopped on the wrong train from the airport & ended up heading out of town, we made it to the central city. We were rather relieved as it had been a nerve wracking experience trying to figure out how to right our wrong, in an area where no one spoke English & the Japanese symbols were just that- symbols, with absolutely no meaning to us.

Hit with heat & an excited energy which is only common in such a large & bustling city, we soon noticed that there was something really unique about the people as a whole. The kindness & respect they have for one another is unmatched with any other country I have visited. Considering the large number of people that live in such a relatively small space, this behaviour seems like no mean feat. But it appears so naturally ingrained in their every day lives, they think nothing of it. It was definitely something I could have gotten used, it seems like such a beautiful way of living.

We spent our time exploring with the help of a tour guide (who by the way was super cute, full of facts & stories & the friendliest wee lady out). We visited Asakusa &learnt about Buddhism & Shintoism (Japanese religion), we cruised down the Sumida River & admired many modern & aged buildings. We climbed to the 5th station of Mt.Fuji (by bus- the only way you are allowed to go up these days!) enjoyed traditional Japanese meals & snacks as well as a few eats from Mcdonalds, (which made choosing food so much easier). We got caught up in rush hour, as well as rained out in the heaviest & quickest rain storm I have experienced (it seemed to flood within minutes). We revelled in the language & all its beauty (even when language was a barrier, it was never impossible to communicate- patience truly is a virtue!) 

All in all I fell in love with Tokyo & no matter how often it is criticised for being just another crazy metropolitan, it had this feeling like no other. I can't wait to return & spend more time getting lost in the hustle & bustle, that is so polite & structured!

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Sunday, 7 September 2014


With only two more sleeps to go till we jet off to Japan, my mind has been in a flurry of activity trying to think of everything I must remember to pack & all the last minute details to be finalised!

Here are some of my must have items for the trip:

- My beloved camera will for sure be taking the journey with me. This baby is the perfect lightweight camera companion, with it's ability to take amazing shots & its wifi to phone capabilities- perfect!

- Power adaptor- so I can keep the above bad boy charged at all times. Plus my iPhone for some of those quickie meal shots ;)

- Water- cos you gotta keep hydrated!

- Good walking sandals- these gladiators are the B E S T. Plus they look pretty spunky- let's hope they don't disappoint. Otherwise a pair of sneakers & jandals will be thrown in for good measure!

- Pink lippy- cos I don't go anywhere without this baby.

- My fave Karen Walker sunnies.

- A cute & colourful clutch- gives an outfit that extra pop of W O W.

I have to admit, I am beyond excited for this trip- it's just the adventure I have been craving.

See y'all in three weeks!!


Thursday, 4 September 2014


With Spring upon us, it is time to look forward to those long summer days we spend our Winters longing for. This home is certainly one I would love to wile away those summer days. 

L shaped couches are the ideal way to creating a chilled feel- filled with colourful cushions & a couple plants nearby, you have the perfect lounge room.  

Multi-coloured dining room chairs create a laid back & happy environment & are the ultimate choice in showing just carefree you are!

And can we talk about the ginormous map on the bed head wall? Talk about a serious case of wanderlust- there is no way I would get any sleep in there, I would be spending all my time planning my next getaway!

(All images via Sfgirlbybay)

Speaking of getaways, I am now counting down the days before I head away on my next adventure with my beautiful mama. We head to Japan/ China in 5 days & I seriously cannot wait. I must admit, all my packing is already complete- the days can't go fast enough!

Happy Friday Eve!


Friday, 29 August 2014


I don't know what it is about a painted fire place that I love, but it's just so good. In saying that I do love anything painted white, floorboards, brick & blocks...

These oversized vases in greens & blues have been popping up everywhere at the moment & I just love the refreshing feel (not to mention pop of colour!) they add to any space.

I love idea of using a bench instead of bar stools for a kitchen island... however this bench does seem a little too low & may benefit from being boosted upward a tad!! 

(image via Gravity Interiors)

Hope you have all had a great week- mine has been filled with a whole lotta sickness, both myself & my close family members, so hoping for a weekend full of recovery!


Thursday, 28 August 2014


With the worst of the coldness behind us, it seems I may not be needing this winter style inspiration. But I am often fooled into thinking the warmer weather has come sooner than expected & am often caught out with blasts of unexpected cold! These pops of yellow are a great way to look ahead to the warmer weather whilst still ensuring toasty warmth.

(all images via my Pinterest)

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Much love,


Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Wow, it has been such a long time since I have put together a blog post- over a month! That doesn't mean I have not had my eye out in search of inspiring homes & products- that is something that comes very naturally, documenting it though is a tad more work. One I certainly do enjoy though!

This home is one I have very much been looking forward to seeing. The home of Jen Coleman is a sure beauty but not necessarily what I expected. For one, I oddly thought Jen was an Aussie- so it was a nice surprise to find she actually lives in Dallas.  

Her home is full of quirky vintage finds combined with some new things & a whole lotta personality. Unique art that really speaks to you & a happy mish mash of colours are the norm in this relaxed abode.
And that pink couch is so good (had to be said).

(All images via The Glitter Guide)

And who doesn't love a vibrant front door? I gotta say I just love that pop of cerise against the black exterior... it's so G O O D (especially with those cactuses flanking the doors!) 

What do you think? This place looks like so much fun to me!


Tuesday, 15 July 2014


I'll admit it. I am a victim of the winter blues. There. I said it. I have been finding great solace online, reading other peoples blogs & looking at all the fun & excitement happening in the Northern Hemisphere. It's helping, really.

During my virtual wanderings, I came across a couple other bloggers who had filled out this wee questionnaire & thought I would give it a go. Maybe it will help me get out of this funk, but that is probably much too hopeful.

Eating / Anything warm- brownie is my favourite right now (despite a deep feeling I must eat more healthily!)
Drinking / Red wine, one most evenings.
Practicing / Patience.
Mastering / The art of time management.
Learning / More about my style- fashion & interiors
Trying / To keep my plants living & lush- not over watering them or ignoring them altogether!
Playing / Is it weird that I have Beethoven on repeat?
Finishing / My latest assignment. As usual, I am procrastinating.
Reading / Girl Boss. So so inspirational.
Remembering / To take my vitamins.
Wearing / Shirts, leather jackets & snuggly scarves.
Cooking / Does baking count?
Working / Hard. Making every second count.
Traveling / Countdown to Japan/China/Korea is on. Did I mention that's happening in September?
Wanting / To exercise more. Or just exercise in general. It's hard.

Hope your day is as wonderful as I know it can be! Go out & treat yoself. Buy some flowers, do some yoga, eat some ice cream & take time for yourself... 'cos you know you want to!


Thursday, 10 July 2014


I stumbled across these images at the start of the week & couldn't not share. As we begrudingly see in  winter, the northern hemisphere welcome summer- & this wee party was the perfect way to do so!

The weather has been extremely rough here with strong wind & rain & crazy weather warnings all over the place. These images are the perfect mid-week escape!


Wednesday, 9 July 2014


This past weekend was a goodie. I visited one of my favourite people in her adopted town, where she currently resides as an artist. I know right? So freakin' cool. She spends her days in a massive studio with her artist uncle knee deep in inspiring activity. 

We spent the weekend out exploring, the beach & the forest. We brunched & got the best salted caramel gelato I ever did taste. We went to a New Zealand movie & we cooked. We spent an afternoon in the studio screen printing (I am a little bit addicted & keep thinking of more & more things I want to print!!) And we checked out this restaurant I have been wanting to visit for a wee while (more on that later though!)

It was just one of those amazing weekends, that make you feel stoked at life. 

We are currently in the middle of an extremely bad bout of weather, let's hope it doesn't linger round till the weekend! Check out more of my adventures on Instagram.


Tuesday, 8 July 2014


This Scandi- style home is completely stunning! Gorgeous herringbone floors surrounded by statement furniture & the most beautiful coloured accents make the most incredible space.

Love a colourful bookcase, makes any room seem so much more homely!

(Images via My Scandinavian Home)

Happy Tuesday!


Friday, 4 July 2014


What initially attracted me to this home, was the incredible art upon the walls. As I clicked further through the gallery it became apparent, just how daring the designer was with this home. It is truly incredible the fearlessness displayed in this eclectic home- it is beyond amazing!

Aren't those sculptures on the table beautiful? They complement the surroundings so perfectly.

(Images via Neuvo Estilo)

Whilst there are many different & crazy elements to this home, everything seems so well thought out & really works together incredibly beautifully.

Happy Friday lovers!