Friday, 28 February 2014


This past weekend I spent in Auckland checking out the 100 Years in Fashion Photography exhibition at the Auckland Museum. I had been wanting to see it for some time now & as it was closing this week, I just made it! It was super amazing & inspiring & I am so glad that I was able to see it in all of its beauty!

We also fit in a wee bit of shopping & ate some really good food. I sure do love visiting the city, but I much prefer the quieter & slower pace of life in Whangarei.

Hope you are having a stellar week!


Wednesday, 26 February 2014


You know that feeling of heart pounding excitement you get when you discover a new & unique store selling products you absolutely love & want? Yeah well that happened to me yesterday when I discovered Ollie & Delilah. This wee facebook store sells to & from Australia only & are about to launch a new website where (fingers crossed!) we can all browse & buy from. For now I will get my fix browsing through the sweet pix they post. Aren't those agate pendants & neon decorated skulls rad? LOVE!


Tuesday, 25 February 2014


This is another home I had saved to my computer, because of its beautifully fresh white spaces full of  personality & colour. Homeowner Helen Cherry (creator of the amazing heart vase) is clearly not afraid of colour- & with such a neutral background to work with, she has done a fine job at creating a cosy & unique home full of love & laughter.

That pink spotted couch is truly amazing & the layers upon layers of pretty cushions may just be what dreams are made of... Mine anyway!

Even the bathroom is given colour with that old shag school rug & pretty wall art. I think there may just be a hint of flowers reflecting in the mirorr there & that is certainly the cherry on top for this oh-so-chic-but-kid-friendly bathroom.

(All Images via The Design Files)

Ahhh pretty images certainly make me happy- hey I am easy to please, nothing wrong with that is there!?


Monday, 24 February 2014



Apologies for the absence over the past week- last Sunday I took a bit of a hard fall on the sea biscuit when I was out boating with my family. I hit a huge wave, went flying through the air & somehow ended up falling on the side of my face, injuring my ear & jaw quite seriously. It was all very scary for awhile there (the pain was excruciating) but I am now feeling quite rested & relatively back to normal, thank goodness. These are a few snapshots from that weekend, prior to the accident. On Friday I received a much awaited for package- this gorgeous hand embroidered clutch from Thailand. Aren't the colours truly spectacular? And the needle work is just incredible. So in love with it! Saturday morning was spent lounging in the sun with a good book & these delicious gluten-free waffles. The sun shone for us all weekend & whilst getting hurt is really no fun, I always love a good sea biscuit & ski, which I am really lucky to be able to do- this has certainly not put me off!!

Hope you are all well & happy- much love!


Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Today I am bringing you a massive dose of colour! It's so easy to add colour to a space when starting with a relatively neutral base as these images show with light greys & whites. Add layers of rugs, blankets (runners are a great way of bringing colour to a decorative table & doubles as a throw for the bed or couch as well!) & cushions for vibrance. Finish with flowers & your favourite nic nacs- these really personalise the space & give it that real unique feel. 

(All images via my Pinterest)

I hope you have a very happy hump day!


Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Uhhhh, could we please just take a moment to appreciate how freakin' cool this child's birthday party is?? An outdoor movie setup, teepee, cupcakes & amazing headdresses- what more could one want?

This was for a 3 year old's party (!!!), but yes I would have loved for my just gone 22nd birthday to have looked a lil' something like this. Maybe it's something I can wish for for my 23rd!? A girl can dream right?

(Images via Get In My Home)

Aren't those wee place settings just the best!? I am pretty sure each child got a geometric bead necklace. Yup I am beyond jealous of this kid.


Monday, 10 February 2014


Golly I love Pinterest. I find the most amazing things on there- everything from DIYS & baking, to interiors & inspiration. I love that you click through to the original website which provides you with so much more information than the wee snippet you see on Pinterest. What really bugs me is if I can only find one image. This boho home is one that I searched high & low for more images of, just because looking at them made me happy. And we all love looking at happy images don't we?

(Images via Valerie K.)

I have scheduled these few posts for the week as I have happily returned to the beach for a bit of extra holiday :) Happy Monday to you all!


Thursday, 6 February 2014


Other than a bikini & kaftan or throwover, this is what I tend to spend the summer months in. Torn up denim shorts & stretch skirts with a cute patterned tee or singlet. I love the pattern on this silk singlet, it's fresh & pretty & bright- what more could you want!?

Today is a holiday here in New Zealand & I have escaped back to the beach with my family. Bliss! Fingers crossed for some beauty weather.


Wednesday, 5 February 2014


You know when you just see a space & you think to yourself, I could totally live there? That is how I feel about this gorgeous wee apartment. That couch is divine & paired with that shaggy foot stool & lucite coffee table is genius. 

And that lamp? Ug, it's the best. Seriously. 

 (Images via Pinecone Camp)

Loving the brightly coloured Smeg fridge paired with the shiny grey subway tile. Though I probably would have picked a different colour fridge- just if I am going to be honest. Maybe a yellow... Or mint green. Or the pale blue. Yeah it just looks fab as it is.


Tuesday, 4 February 2014


I am absolutely in love with this new range of bed linen designed & created by LeeAnn Yare for her store Collected (which I have visited once & LeeAnn herself was there- I really must take another visit!!) They are not available yet, but are available on her website for pre-orders. This story & more are featured over on The Design Files today- so head over & give LeeAnn a little love!

(Images via The Design Files)

Ahh. Aren't those colours & patterns just stunning? 


Monday, 3 February 2014


(Images via my Instagram - Follow me! )

Another superb weekend has come & gone already! I enjoyed a relatively restful weekend including brunch & shopping, sunshine & cleaning. One of my favourite things to do is change my room around & re-style different nooks & crannies & that is exactly how I spent my Sunday afternoon. Feels good.