Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Having recently come across Rebecca Judd's blog (through Pinterest obviously!) I am seriously addicted to her style. Like seriously. So no doubt you will be seeing more of her beautiful home on here in the future, it's just far too good not to share. 

There is something inherently luxurious about this room, yet the style feels relaxed & full of fun components- how weird is that description? Yet it's just so true! Such an odd combination, which I am absolutely in love with.

Yay for inspiring Pinterest finds!


Sunday, 22 June 2014


Another cruisey weekend had by me over here, where I got my hair done, bought this super cute baby pineapple from the florist (I am even going to try & grow them myself!) baked up a storm & just generally chilled in this mild weather we call winter. I shouldn't speak too soon!

Here's to a happy & speedy week!


Friday, 20 June 2014


I hadn't done a style envy post in a while & when I saw this post over on Tuula Vintage I knew I had found the outfit envy I was after. Despite the cooler temps over here & this type of wear being completely inappropriate, there is no denying the gorgeousness is there?

Oh to be in warmer weather, where a light lace jumpsuit is all you need to cover up that bikini!

Happy happy Friday!


Thursday, 19 June 2014


In my job, I come across the coolest in homewares & interior design on a daily basis. One trend that I just can't seem to get enough of (& hope that it is not only a trend!)  is the use of reclaimed woods for things like stools, coffee tables, cabinets & kitchen benchtops. 

Not only is reclaimed wood a great eco-friendly option, it gives the space character & creates a warm & cosy environment.

(All Images via Style Files)

Whilst reclaimed wood is a popular design feature today, there are also many environmental reasons for choosing to use reclaimed timber in your home. Many varieties of wood which were once abundant & freely available are now in short supply, with some types of wood even extinct. In a world where waning natural resources, over-forestation & environmental concerns blur our everyday lives, reclaimed wood helps to preserve forests by reducing the need for new timber. Processing old wood has less impact on the environment than felling, transporting & processing new timber & the reclaimed wood varieties mean more availability of diminished woods.


Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Despite the fact that I am a city girl at heart, having grown up at the beach there is something about conscious living that really appeals to me. That is, living a more sustainable life, eating whole & raw foods, thinking about the products you purchase & the effects of those products on the environment. Now, I am not really in the stage of my life where I could entirely pull away from the things I often indulge in, but someday I aim to live a much more simple life (as ironic as that may sound, for those of you who know me well!) 

Tess, from Ames Collective has totally got it right. I actually stumbled across Tess's insanely cool skateboards (which she wholly creates herself!) on instagram.  There, I started to learn more about her lifestyle & it was something I really started to envy. She seems to be living the ideal life. Between spending her mornings surfing & meditating & her afternoons doing what she is passionate about, she really seems to have it figured out. You can read the interview that inspired this post here

 (All Images via The Bharani Effect)

Isn't Tess's home so cool? It has such a chill vibe & it is obvious that she surrounds herself with things she truly loves & what truly matters to her. Lots of creative vibes from in there. So refreshing. 

PS What I would do for one of those surfboards of hers! So freakin' cool. 


Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Golly, I haven't done a Weekender post in quite some time! Ever since returning from Sydney a few weeks ago I have been struggling to get posts up & personal ones are always the hardest ones! To make up for it, here are four images from my weekend past. The weather was most beautiful, & the temperatures were so pleasant- it was difficult to believe it's winter!

It was certainly a relaxing one! One of those weekends where you have zero plans & long only for sleep ins. I did just that, indulged in long late breakfasts, enjoyed the most calming paddle board, cleaned, tidied, went shopping, caught up with friends & even went to the movies (The Fault in Our Stars- it truly is a beautiful movie, though highly tear inducing!!)

I wish for more many more weekends like this this winter... I have my fingers (& toes) crossed!


Friday, 13 June 2014


Just dropping by to share these amazing images by photographer Laure Joliet. You may have come across some of these images hanging around online already or on Pinterest. But it's really nice to know a little something about the person behind the photography. I think so anyway. 

(Images via Sfgirlbybay)

Lots of interior inspiration right there! Gosh I can't wait to decorate my own place. Speaking of which, I really better head back to that assignment I am working on (or procrastinating from!) or I will never be qualified to design homes will I?

Bye for now!


Saturday, 7 June 2014


Emily Henderson is one of those all around AMAZING style mavens whose work is all over Pinterest & much of the cyber world. With a mad style & thrifting skills to boot, this girl has talent when it comes to interior styling. Having recently moved into a new home, Emily gives a wee tour of her living area in the latest Matchbook Mag.

I'm going to start off by saying, that girl has game with her pale pink couch. It is right on the mark (perhaps a bit too on trend, but who am I to judge- it looks incredible!) & is prevented from feeling too girly girl with just the right amount of colourful accessories.

Em knows how to style a bookshelf that's for sure. Never one to think too minimally, this girl knows how to layer up a room, providing layers of colour, pattern & by the looks of this room, a whole lotta comfort.

(All images via Matchbook Mag)

Loving the surfy vibe from the amazing gallery wall above the couch. Perfect-o. What I really like about this room, is that it doesn't have a set style. It mixes & matches, taking the best bits of so many styles I just love- a bit of boho, a bit of luxe living & a touch of girly girl. A perfect combo if you ask me!


Friday, 6 June 2014


This is another gorgeous white home that is full of magically whimsical pieces of colour & fun! Believe it or not, three children lie in this three storey Brooklyn home. Much of the art you see on the walls has been created by the children. I love the balls of wool randomly spotted about the place, with knitting being a favourite past time of the eldest daughter.

 Isn't this couch amazeballs? yes, it was a $100 eBay find. Good ol' eBay, giving life & love since aaages ago. The cute wee stool & pom pom wall art ain't half bad either. 

(All Images via Sfgirlbybay

That tree trunk bedside table is superb I tell ya. Love the innovation in this home, everything feel so personal & despite the all white colour scheme, nothing feels too precious.

And at last it is Friday. I really shouldn't be complaining as it was a short week down here, but boy am I looking forward to the weekend!


Thursday, 5 June 2014


We all know how much I love an all white home accessorized with colourful & meaningful possessions & this Scandinavian home is certainly no exception. In fact, it's even better! I have never loved blond wood as much as I do in this home.  

Scandinavian homes are often misinterpreted as being monochromatic in colour scheme, but more often than not this is not the case. I love how one wall in this office is covered in a bright & cheery wall paper. It gives the office so much personality, with it's incorporation of both old & new. 

(Images via The Style Files)

This home is just so well thought out, but appears so effortless. A collection of rich textures, pattern & colours all come together to create a highly aesthetically pleasing environment that I would just love to call home. Dreams are free, right?