Thursday, 9 October 2014


Well I have been back from Asia nearly two weeks now & it has taken me this long to sit back & actually put a post together! As soon as I arrived home I saved all of my millions of photos onto both my computer & hard drive through fear of losing them. The memories & feelings they evoke make them truly some of my most treasured possessions. 

We started the trip out in Tokyo. After a fairly rough start, where we hopped on the wrong train from the airport & ended up heading out of town, we made it to the central city. We were rather relieved as it had been a nerve wracking experience trying to figure out how to right our wrong, in an area where no one spoke English & the Japanese symbols were just that- symbols, with absolutely no meaning to us.

Hit with heat & an excited energy which is only common in such a large & bustling city, we soon noticed that there was something really unique about the people as a whole. The kindness & respect they have for one another is unmatched with any other country I have visited. Considering the large number of people that live in such a relatively small space, this behaviour seems like no mean feat. But it appears so naturally ingrained in their every day lives, they think nothing of it. It was definitely something I could have gotten used, it seems like such a beautiful way of living.

We spent our time exploring with the help of a tour guide (who by the way was super cute, full of facts & stories & the friendliest wee lady out). We visited Asakusa &learnt about Buddhism & Shintoism (Japanese religion), we cruised down the Sumida River & admired many modern & aged buildings. We climbed to the 5th station of Mt.Fuji (by bus- the only way you are allowed to go up these days!) enjoyed traditional Japanese meals & snacks as well as a few eats from Mcdonalds, (which made choosing food so much easier). We got caught up in rush hour, as well as rained out in the heaviest & quickest rain storm I have experienced (it seemed to flood within minutes). We revelled in the language & all its beauty (even when language was a barrier, it was never impossible to communicate- patience truly is a virtue!) 

All in all I fell in love with Tokyo & no matter how often it is criticised for being just another crazy metropolitan, it had this feeling like no other. I can't wait to return & spend more time getting lost in the hustle & bustle, that is so polite & structured!

All images by Me :) Check out my instagram for more happy holiday snaps!